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The Ten Most Expensive Cars in The World

A car is one of the finest representations of human engineering, and the most expensive cars in the world are as much specimens of beauty and luxury as power and performance. Not surprisingly, the most expensive cars are usually the most powerful and fastest cars as well. They incorporate the latest advances in high-tech engineering and materials science – from dashboards that remind you of fighter aircraft to all-enveloping leather upholstery to lightweight, exotic body material, all these and more


OUR FINITE LIVES ARE DEPENDENT ON THE INFINITE Every human being of this vast world is solely responsible for the joy/sorrow, bliss, agitation, peace, wrath etc that he/she faces in his/her daily life. It is he who is responsible for sowing seeds that grow thorns or fragrant flowers. Once a person executes an action he/she has no control whatsoever as to what type of fruits of actions will be generated. Ere this choice was given to mankind, he/she would promptly execute

The Terrible Tale Of The Linton Worme

I count myself lucky to live in Northeast England one of the most beautiful and interesting parts of the UK. A region rich in history, a place of castles, countryside and coast, that is awash with the myths and legends of days gone by. Having in another article, told you the tale of the famous Lambton Worm. The monstrous beast that wrapped its tail ten times around Penshaw Hill and of how Penshaw Monument came about. Now I want you

The Strange Case of The Book of the Arab

“The Book of the Arab” is a mysterious publication which allegedly traces the history of the legendary Necronomicon. The Necronomicon is a central element in the horror stories of H.P Lovecraft. This much sought after grimoire is said to summon the Old Ones, alien god-like beings who are the focus of the Cthulhu Mythos. The notorious Necronomicon is reported to have been given the name Al Azif by its author Abdul Alhazred, “the Mad Arab,” in 720 A.D. The Necronomicon

The Therapeutic Relationship is the Most Important Ingredient in Successful Therapy

“Maybe if I have this client blink his eyes at an increased speed, while exposing him to his past, and add some cognitive behavioral therapy while sitting next to a waterfall, he may be able to function more effectively in his life!” Yes this is rather exaggerated, however it demonstrates the idea that as professionals in the field of therapy, we often seek complex theories, techniques, and strategies to more effectively treat our consumers. A large amount of

The Successful Brochure

The elaboration of brochures is of great importance as it is a main path towards catching the attention of others about your products. Yet the wider market is highly competitive, so the brochures should be designed with the utmost care and check here inspiration. Each detail should be taken into account and led to perfection. The bright idea is to stress on what makes people remember your brochure. The colour, format paper and printing quality are all decisive ingredients

The Ten Practical Steps To Gratitude

Do you get up in the morning determined to have a good day and before you know it, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and that you can’t wait for the day to be over so you can rest? Do you feel like you are existing from day to day rather than living a life of joy? Do you ever ask yourself, “Is this all there is, and if it is, do I want it?” If so, you are


In Yoga Vashishtha (6/1/81/39) text while throwing light on Mantra Energy it is written: Yathavireka kurvanti haritamya swabhavataha. Bhavanavashataha karya tatha paralvadayaha. MEANING: O Rama! Just as by eating yellow myrobalan the digestion system functions more quickly and thus diarrhea ensues, in the same way Mantra chanting with steadfastness and powerful sentiments influences the body at a momentous pace. The author of Ramayana has said: Mantra param laghu jasuvas vidhi harihar sur sarva. Within these descriptions are only science is at work. It is

The Three Components Of Attitudes

Attitude is a lasting evaluation of people, objects, or ideas which may be positive or not. The concept of attitude is composed of three components which include cognitively-based attitudes, affectively-based attitude, and behaviorally-based attitude. An example of my cognitively-based attitude is the attitude of disallowing my seatmates in school to copy my assignments so that I will remain one of the best students in school. Besides, I believe that I am more wise and intelligent than other students. An example

The Therapeutic Effects of Bitter Melon – The New Wonder Herb?

Bitter melon is the English name of Momordica charantia. Bitter melon is also known by the names Karela and Bitter Gourd. Bitter melon grows in tropical areas, including parts of East Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and check here South America, where it is used as food and medicine. Is a cucumber-shaped fruit with green skin pumpkin-like everywhere. It seems a damn ugly, light green. The fruit should be firm like a cucumber. Bitter melon also known as Karela can